About Us

The Sheep Creek Yoga Collective (SCYC) is a community of like-minded people interested in yoga, meditation, consciousness, connecting with nature, and giving back. SCYC hosts a number of events each year in which our collective energy is channeled to the greater good, from fostering growth at the individual level, to providing assistance to the community at large.

The Collective began in 2015 when a group of yoga teachers in training gathered next to the Sheep Creek to explore yoga in all of its forms. The experience was nothing less than transformative as the group came together to connect with each other and the healing energy of nature around us, practice asana and meditation, and examine consciousness. The group continued to grow as we gathered throughout the summer and fall and in late 2015 SCYC was officially born.

SCYC believes that through community and the desire to connect with something greater, we can raise our shared consciousness and make a lasting difference in this world. To us, yoga is a collective, not a competition, and we exist to bring Calgary and area’s yoga community together to create a positive impact at the individual and community level. In the summer, this means coming together at the Sheep Creek to practice all aspects of yoga on and off our mat in communion with others and the environment. In the winter and throughout the year, this means bringing our yoga practice to the city and giving back through fundraising and volunteer opportunities.

For more information on how you can participate, please see our Get Involved page to learn more about our Gatherings and Karma Initiatives.