Supporting Studios

SCYC believes that yoga is a collective and not a competition and we exist to bring Calgary and area’s yoga community together to make a positive impact. We are looking for studios to work with throughout the city to help make this a possibility.

Supporting Studios contribute to SCYC by providing studio space to hold karma classes in support of our Karma Initiatives, allowing us the opportunity to promote SCYC and our events, and/or advertising SCYC events on our behalf.  If your studio is interested in getting involved, please send us an email at

SCYC would like to thank the following yoga studios for all of their support!


Bodhi Tree Yoga Centre

The Bodhi Tree, like SCYC, strives to offer yoga as it was intended: accessible to everyone. We are excited to be able to partner with the Bodhi Tree on SCYC Karma Initiatives!


Journey Yoga

SCYC is grateful to Journey Yoga for their support of the community that we are trying to build, promoting our events and supporting our karma initiatives!


Junction 9

SCYC is excited to partner with Junction 9 on SCYC Karma Initiatives.  We are so grateful for all of their ongoing support!

LIV logo sq

LIV Yoga + Wellness

LIV Yoga + Wellness is a studio in the heart of Downtown Calgary dedicated to promoting community and helping people become the best version of themselves. Thank you to LIV for all of the support and energy you bring to the SCYC community!


Mountain Air Yoga Centre

SCYC is proud to partner with Mountain Air Yoga on Karma Initiatives and other offerings to achieve our mutual goals of connecting people with themselves and each other and building a conscious community.


Yoga in Bowness

Like SCYC, Yoga in Bowness believes that yoga is for everyone and can help build better community.  They offer affordable, accessible and approachable yoga classes in the heart of Bowness, Calgary.  We are excited to partner with Yoga in Bowness on our Karma Initiatives!!


Yoga Passage

Yoga Passage is the birthplace of SCYC and has supported all of our endeavours from the beginning.  SCYC would like to thank Yoga Passage for all of their support!


Yoga Santosha

Like SCYC, Yoga Santosha believes that Yoga is about community and offering people the opportunity to connect with one another and  be their authentic self.  SCYC would like to thank Yoga Santosha for their support of SCYC Karma Initiatives!


The Yoga Shala

SCYC is excited to be working with The Yoga Shala on our Karma Initiatives and is grateful to them for their support of all SCYC activities!