2018 Financial Report

Our source of funds comes from donations made at Gatherings, Karma Classes and the sale of some items like Sheep Creek bracelets and t-shirts. All teachers that teach for us, the studio space we use, our website and social media, the tents we set up at the Gatherings, the murals in our yoga temple (the barn at Wolf Willow) is all given to us so graciously.  What this means is we have almost zero expenses, only three, TD Bank service fees, Square Account fees and Eventbrite fees.

We only ask for some cost recovery in the $20 we request to cover food at our Gatherings.  Some of this money goes back to the individual who purchased the food, the rest of the food is donated.  We are asked all the time (and the answer is Yes):  how can we possibly provide the incredibly nutritious meals at our Gatherings for an entire weekend for $20 per person? Our cooks are amazing!


2018 2017
Donations to Sheep Creek $13,467 $10,182
Square $27 $2 Automatically taken from Square from what they pay us
Eventbrite $753 $429 Automatically taken from Eventbrite from what they pay us
TD $67 $89 Bank Fees
Reimbursement of expenses $353 $2,032 To reimburse some food costs from Gatherings

Donations To Charity by Sheep Creek –  History


In 2017 we gave $1,500 to Share One Pair and YYCHH from the funds raised in 2016.

In 2018 we gave $10,373 to Grow Calgary, Leftovers and Cornerstone from the funds raised in 2017.

In 2019 we will be giving $13,500 again to Grow Calgary, Leftovers and Cornerstone from funds raised in 2018.

 Sheep Creek is not a registered charity; therefore, we cannot issue tax receipts. We are a 100% grassroots organization. We do not have our accounts audited (it would cost too much), and we have a better way: to be a totally open book. Everyone is welcome to look at our TD account at anytime to see where the money comes from and how and when it is distributed to the charities we support. 

Image courtesy of Curtis Milne