Karma Initiatives

SCYC Karma Initiatives are our way of giving back to the community through karma yoga, fundraising and volunteering opportunities that aim to make a difference in the Calgary and area community.

Every year we choose Community Partners that are local grassroots organizations that align with our values and will benefit from our fundraising efforts and volunteering opportunities. Funds are raised through karma yoga events and other fundraising initiatives, such as the sales of Enlightened Delights (delicious, homemade, organic, vegan, raw, energy balls).

Almost every dollar is directed back out into the community to SCYC’s Community Partners. A very small percentage of what we raise is used to pay for unavoidable costs such as bank fees and Square account fees.

For more information on upcoming karma classes and volunteer activities, please see our Events page.

Images courtesy of Yellow Petal Photography


Join Us!

SCYC hosts a number of events each year in which our collective energy is channelled to the greater good, from fostering growth at the individual level to providing assistance to the community at large.

If you are interested in supporting SCYC activities as a volunteer, please contact us here: