SCYC Community Collaborations


Sheep Creek Yoga Collective partners with Calgary studios & teachers to co-host classes and events focused on yoga, meditation and the healing arts. Our mission is to unite, empower, and serve our community by raising funds and awareness for local charities. We believe in taking the practice of karma yoga beyond the mat to create a collective community of consciousness. All of our events are made possible by our community of volunteers, and all of our events are by donation, with the funds raised going directly to Calgary and area charities. Join us for some beautifully curated classes, designed to resonate, inspire and build community. We welcome you to come as you are, and give what you can.



Join Sheep Creek Yoga Collective in partnership with Junction 9 and facilitator Matt Kelemen.


Flashing signs, pop-up ads and text messages rule the day and leave us at the mercy of the next dopamine response for our sense of well-being. How do we even know that we are truly living and breathing with confident peace and integrity these days?

There aren’t enough instagram likes, Spotify suggestions or Netflix recommendations on the planet to provide us with a lasting and impenetrable sense of self-fulfillment and personal peace, so how do we know?

This holistic yoga class is a presentation of the inner spirit of the powerful voyage towards unquestionable knowledge of truth. Beginning with a meditation guided towards the seat of your personal witness, you will be encouraged (filled with courage) to sit amidst the language of your active script and dialogue while you intentionally disengage with the habitual paradigms of your responsive lifestyle so that you can awaken the senses of your intuitive, expansive and limitless expression of self-ness.

Following this meditation, you will be invited into a posture practice aimed at allowing you complete freedom over the expression of your body. Very few instructions will be given and plenty of calling out to acknowledge what it truly is that you want your body to perform will fill the room. What are the shape that linger as shadows in the back of your beautifully visual mind? Through struggle or grace, we will call them out into the shapes of your bones and muscles!

After a brief and potent sweat, from the core of your imaginative heart, you will guided into a deeply relaxing Savasana for an extended period of time as the beats of a great drum and the echoes of powerful mantra ripple through the clear air around you, leaving you suspended within your very own wilderness; your wild courage…awoken to the mission at hand…tackling the next moment of your life with such truth and conviction that the very structure of the world around you will be uplifted from its suffering and confusion.

Brave the witness … Enter the wilderness within.

Suggested donation is $20.