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Sheep Creek Yoga Collective partners with Calgary studios & teachers to co-host classes and events focused on yoga, meditation and the healing arts. Our mission is to unite, empower, and serve our community by raising funds and awareness for local charities. We believe in taking the practice of karma yoga beyond the mat to create a collective community of consciousness. All of our events are made possible by our community of volunteers, and all of our events are by donation, with the funds raised going directly to Calgary and area charities. Join us for some beautifully curated classes, designed to resonate, inspire and build community. We welcome you to come as you are, and give what you can.


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We’ll begin the evening with the sacred ceremony of cacao led by Jane Pierce. Then imagine the journey of becoming the Dance. Moving each cell, each molecule – creating space for the mind to relax and to let the body groove. Imagine a place of pure enjoyment, a deep presence with Self and smiling from the inside out. Join Kylee Dawn, as she invites you to dive into the Ecstatic Freedom within You. Through facilitated movement, breathwork, sound and stillness, join us on this adventurous dance journey. No dance experience necessary. Leave feeling inspired and uplifted after a healing sound bath by Gareth completes this magical evening.

What to bring

Your favourite mug for cacao

A yoga mat

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About the teachers

Jane Pierce is a light worker, yogi, nature lover and consciousness explorer. She is passionate about the technology of Kundalini Yoga and the personal experience and connection to awareness it provides. Jane teaches Kundalini yoga locally in Calgary and internationally.

Kylee Dawn has a passion for the Inner Journey. Through trance dance, breath-work, sound and stillness, it all has its place for adventuring within. Kylee Dawn guides those into the heart, to awaken, activate and embrace knowing one’s being. Along her path, she has explored many modalities and mentors, which have empowered her to bring her own gifts to life. Kylee has been facilitating ecstatic trance dance and breathwork since 2006, is one of the founders of Inner Journeys; a certified Kundalini Dance Facilitator; a trained Trance Dance Facilitator; a Conscious Connected Breathwork Facilitator, a Reiki Master, a certified Hatha Yoga Teacher, the founder of Inshala Festival, owner of Evolved Movement Arts and co-owner of Evolved Productions, and a Developmental Gymnastics Coach.

Gareth Phillips is the face behind Crystal Vibes and some of you may have experienced him weaving magical sounds at previous Sheep Creek events. He is delighted and honoured to be guiding this SCYC Community Class alongside the most amazing and beautiful souls, Jane Pierce and Kylee Dawn. Gareth will be flowing around you with medicine drums and some of his favourite instruments that will help you go a little deeper into your body and journey. Sound medicine forms a bridge to the subconscious and allows the mind to release its fixation on stressful thoughts. As you enter into a gentle, dreamy space you are able to release tension and worries, rid yourself of obsessive thinking and even control pain and fear. You will feel lighter and more open – and more able to experience creativity, freedom and insight. 


Be the Bridge: Expand Your Consciousness to Behold Both Worlds.

Join Sheep Creek Yoga Collective in partnership with Yoga in Bowness and facilitators Megan Luther and Lauren Demytruk for our November Community Collaboration Class:


The first sparks of human self-discovery coincided with fire-making and fire-tending. In myth as in reality, fire sometimes merely destroys but often destroys so that from the purified residue or ashy essence a new world may come into being.

An afternoon of contemplation, where we will collectively invoke Agni, the primordial fire, a fierce essence of fire from within. The intensity of the fire element brings to the surface, melts and evaporates what is rigid and hard. It reshapes and releases. It propagates golden seeds and engenders new growth. Allowing the fire of passions to sweep through the body, we seed new growth from within.

Together, Megan Luther and Lauren Demytruk will create a safe space of genuine spiritual communion, to help purify all levels of your being and restore you to the realization of your fundamental purity.

Kriya – Our centre of power, our will, our energy, our self esteem is rooted at the navel. Here, through the element of fire, transformation begins. The heat of the fire element gives us strength and vitality to live purposeful lives. This Kriya will burn up resistance and fear, and purify the residue of the past so that our journey can be more harmonious, purposeful, and aligned with our truth.

Mantra & Yoga Nidra – The power of vibration clears, purifies and recalibrates our individual energy field and the energy fields around us, lifting us into a state of bliss. Fall into silence as the chanting bathes us in the truth of compassion, light and love. Sacred vibration facilitates release, helping us to remember that the shadow and darkness we experience is not who we really are. We come into the present moment and experience our essential purity, without denying the human experiences that are helping us grow. The Nidra practice will seed the sacred prayer of Sankalpa, with the intention of dissolving the mind and shifting into the purity of our Spirit, the truest essence of our Being.

Suggested donation is $25.

Please note, tickets will not be available at the door. Space is limited and classes fill quickly, register to save your space!